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Handyman Services
Suffolk County N.Y. Service Area
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Handyman Services  Upkeep & Maintenance

Provide residents with a prompt, friendly, affordable repair and maintenance service.

A. Oliveri Siding & Remodeling is a full service Home Improvement and
Handyman company. We provide a variety of crafts to complete all of your to-
do lists and home repairs. Our handyman services are always performed by
friendly, caring and knowledgeable personnel’s. All the work we do for you
is done professionally and properly. Suffolk County Lic. 8551 and  Fully
Professional Handyman Services

Exterior Services
Siding and Window Installations
Decking Repairs and Installations
Windows Installed
Storm Installations
Siding/Facia/Soffit Repairs
Entry Door-Repair/Replace
Exterior Leak Repair Specialist
Repair Siding/Soffit/Fascia
Weather Stripping Of Doors & Windows
Install Security Locks
Extend Gutter Downspouts
Gutter Cleaning and Repair
Mail Box Repairs/Replacements
Steps/Stoop/Railing/Walk Way
(Repair and/or Replace)
Low Voltage Lighting

Aging in Place/Senior Safety
Grab Bars/Railings
Easy Turn Faucets
Comfort Height Toilets – With Hand Rails
Shower /Tub Seats
Easy Turn Door Knobs
Security Lighting/Additional Lighting
Porch and Stair Railings

Pressure Washing Services
Decks, Patios and Gazebos
High Pressure Cleaning
(Concrete Sealer/Stain/Asphalt Sealer)
Concrete Driveways and Walkways
Valley & Roof Cleaning
Exterior Trim & House Washing
Low Pressure Cleaning
(Using Special Blend of Safe Cleaners)
Workshops and Sheds
Awnings/Patio Furniture
Gutter Cleaning
General Pressure Washing

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Be Safe & Prevent Fires – Have Your Venting Cleaned
Improved Drying Time Saves Money
Keep Your Dryer from Overworking & Prevent Costly Repairs
Replace the Fire Hazard Plastic/Vinyl & Foil Venting with Flexible Metal Duct or Rigid
Metal Duct. Both are Smooth on the Inside & Provide Safe & Efficient Drying

Complete Door Lube
(Tracks/Rollers/Hardware/Weather Stripping)
Pressure Wash Floor and Seal
Clean-up and Organize
Install Storage Shelving
Junk Removal

Interior Services
General To-Do-List
Repair Drywall/Plaster
(Water & Pet Damage/Cracks)
Door Repair/Replacement
Grout Repair/Replace/Seal
Shelving and Shoe Racks
Ceramic Tile Repair/Replace/Seal
Repair or Replace General Hardware
Lube and Clean Windows(Tracks/Rollers/Locks/Guides)
Paint & Stain Doors/Trim/Moldings
Security Lighting & Post Lamps
Dimmer Switches and GFI Outlets
Clean/Repair/Replace Bath Exhaust Fans
Repair/Replace Light Fixtures
Install Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Repair/Replace Ceiling Fans
Replace Vanity
Install New Faucets
Repair Drips and Leaks
Washing Machine Upgrades
(Install Stainless Steel Water Fill Hoses)
Repair/Rebuild/Replace Toilets & Seals
Install Shower Heads/Diverters/Aerators
Sump Pump Services
(Clean-out/Replace Float/Install New)
Hose Bib Repair

Lawn Care Services
Prune Trees & Shrubs Away From House
Trim and Remove Overgrowth
Clean Up Beds/Flower Beds

Pet Care
Repair Pet Damage
Install Pet Doors
Pet Cable Runs
Fenced Areas/Runs

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